Monogram Power Ring
  • Monogram Power Ring

    Fabricated from .925 Sterling Silver, this is a solid power ring. These are completely hand fabricated by Tut, from start to finish. Starting with raw Sterling Silver, Tut melts down the metal, pours it into ingots and then mills it into workable rough stock. From this point, the fabrication begins. He builds the frame and boxes it in, frames the top bezel in then hand cuts the letters and the outside design. Once the cleanup is done, the metal is antiqued and brought to a mirror polish. We do take special requests for the design and don't forget to state your choice of lettering. Each of these rings are handmade to order so it will take a couple of weeks to build and ship. Prices may vary on larger sizes rings due to the weight. When ordering a size larger than 10, or when ordering in Gold, the price is an estimate and may require additional charge to compensate for the amount of metal used and the spot price of gold. We will honor the spot price of gold on the day you order.