18kt Goldeneye Ring
  • 18kt Goldeneye Ring

    This is one of our Goldeneye series, made with 18Kt Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver, this piece is guaranteed to command the attention of anyone you encounter on your mission. Beautiful and elegant, it can be worn casual and formal yet still provides functionality under any situation. Any self respecting covert agent should adorn themselves with the ever functional Goldeneye, let the Goldeneye be the eye in the back of your head, with the mirror finish, one can easily scan the area behind them without being noticed! This is completely hand forged from raw materials. I start with casting grain or scrap metal, melt it down into ingots of raw Gol and raw Sterling Silver, then I mill it into rough stock with a rolling mill. Once I have my rough stock, I can build each ring or piece of jewelry into the magnificent work of art you desire! We specialize in custom work so do not be afraid to ask, we work in Silver, Gold, Brass, Bronze & Copper as well as cutting our own stones so we can design and build just about anything you request!